ZZ TOP in Fuji Rock Festival '99

Japanese fanz were waiting for a long time...
Finally, boyzz came to JAPAN!!!

Date: Aug.1.1999
Time: 09:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Place: Naeba Ski Resort, Nigata, Japan

1 Thunderbird Yeeeaahhhh!!!!! I saw the BOYZZ for the first time !!!!
2 Waintin' For The Bus Oh! This is one of the song which I like.
3 Jesus Just Left Chicago Then, it follows this tune.
  Billy said,"Oh yeah! He's bad, aha, You're nationwide!"
4 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide Uh huh, You're Bad !!!
5 Pincushion Yes, It's COOL !
6 Brown Sugar It's a very bluesy and nice boogie.
  Billy said,"It's a blues time right now."
7 I Loved A Woman I didn't know this song at that time, but I loved this one.
8 Got Me Under Pressure Billy and Frank did a little consultation before a song begins.
  Billy said,"We got a Bang Bang shang-a-long down. Say hey!"
 Dusty said,"And say hey!"
9 Bang Bang I sang "Bang, Bang" with the boyzz.
10 Cheap Sunglasses Yeah, I choose the Cheap Sunglasses !!!
11 Just Got Paid Billy played the slide guitar.
  Frank's drum was started and Billy said,"...Like you?"
12 Gimme All Your Lovin All audience shouted "Gimme all your lovin !"
13 Sharp Dressed Man Our excitement didn't stop already!
14 Legs Billy and Dusty plays fur guitars.
 ( Encore )
15 Tube Snake Boogie Let's dancin' and dancin' !!!
16 La Grange It's cool boogie, and Billy's guitar play is great !
17 Tush Of course, I LOVE THIS ONE !!!!!

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