The Fantastic AlbumZZ

Release Title Label
1970 ZZ Top's First Album London
1972 Rio Grande Mud London
1973 Tres Hombres London
  Tres Hombres was added a Japanese title "SAN-NIN NO OTOKO-TACHI". So, it's like this "". It's meaning of "Three men".
1975 Fandango! London
1976 Tejas London
  Tejas was added a Japanese title "Texas WA Paradise". Here are cover and ads. It's meaning of "Texas is a paradise".
1977 The Best of ZZ Top London
1979 Deguello Warner Bros.
  Deguello was added a Japanese title "MINAGOROSHI NO BANKA". Here is a liner notes. It's meaning of "The elegy of the massacre" !!!
1981 El Loco Warner Bros.
1983 Eliminator Warner Bros.
1985 Afterburner Warner Bros.
1987 Six Pack Warner Bros.
1990 Recycler Warner Bros.
1992 Greatest Hits Warner Bros.
1994 Antenna RCA
  Antenna was added a bonus track "Everything". Here are cover and lyric.
1994 One Foot in the Blues Warner Bros.
1996 Rhythmeen RCA
  Rhythmeen was added a bonus track "Isn't Love Amazing". Here are cover and lyric.
1999 XXX RCA
  XXX was added a bonus track "Ninja Shack". Here are cover and lyric.
2003 Mescalero RCA
  Mescalero was added a bonus track "Sanctify". Here is lyric.
2003 Chrome Smoke & BBQ Warner Bros.
2004 Rhancho Texicano - The Very Best of ZZ TOP Warner Bros.
1992 Greatest Hits Warner Bros.

Release Title Label Record No.
1967 99th Floor / What Are You Going To Do Tantara Tantara 3101
1968 Is Here Karma Karma 1001
1969 Do Their Thing UNI UNI 73044
1969 Flash Tantara Tantara 6919
1969 Salt Lick / Miller's Farm Scat Records cat. no. 500
1972 Francine Spanish version London 45-179
1987 ZZ TOP CLUB Warner Bros. P-6249
1994 Break Away (Featuring "Mary's") RCA 74321192282
1996 What's Up With That RCA 74321389952
1988 ROCKY HILL Virgin VJD-32067
2002 Greatest Hits Special Limited Tour Edition Warner Bros. 9362-47510-2
Promotion Albums/Singles
1985 ZZ Top Special Warner Bros. PS-252
1987 A taste of the ZZ Top Sixpack Warner Bros. PRO-CD-2875
1990 Recycler Steel Pack Warner Bros. 26458-2
1990 World Premiere Broadcast Warner Bros. -
1990 Give It Up Warner Bros. PRO-CD-4584
1990 Decision or Collision Warner Bros. PRO-CD-4719
1990 Doubleback Warner Bros. PRO-CD-4074
1994 Pincushion RCA RDJ 62741-2
1994 Break Away RCA RDJ 62786-2
1994 Antenna (Popup Antenna) RCA ZZ003
1999 XXX (Cassette Tape) BMG JAPAN -
Compilation Albums
1982 A Journey To Tyme, Vol. 1 Phantom PRS-1001
1982 Endless Journey Phase 1 Psycho Psycho 1.
1990 Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye Sire 2-26422
1993 Acid Visions - Volume 3 Collectables Records COL-8811
1995 30 seconds Before The Calico Wall ARF! ARF! AA-050
2001 Along For The Ride Eagle Records WK18474

Date Place
1971 Memphis Country Blues Festival
1972.02.25 Fort Worth, Texas
1974.07.08 New York
1976.01.06 Toronto
1977.03.16 Boston Gardens
1980.04.20 Essen Grugahalle
1980.05.04 New Jersey, Capitol Theatr
1983.08.20 Donington Park
1983.08.20 Donington Park (FM)
1983.10.17 Stockholm, Grand Hotel
1985.12.06 Montreal, Forum
1985.12.09 Winnipeg
1986.10.10 New Bingley Hall, Stafford
1987.02.19 Osaka-Jo Hall, Japan
1991.05.31 Hamburg Grosse Freiheit
1991.06.06 Milton Keynes Bowl, London
1993.06.12 Milwaukee Marcus Amphitheatre
1994.12.11 Brussels, Vorst National
1996.06.24 Paris De Bercy
1996.07.06 Montreux, Jazz & Blues Festival
1997.09.19 Phoenix, Arizona
1999.08.01 Fuji Rock Festival '99
1999.10.02 Philadelphia
2000.02.29 Peolia, Illinois
2002.10.12 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Germany
2002.11.01 Apollo Hammersmith, London
Other Stuff
- VH-1 to one live '76-'83 & Chorus '80
- Germany Rockpop '80 & '82
- 1st Annual MTV Video Music Award Show
- "Double Back" (Back To The Future III)
- Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame '93
- Danish TV '94
- "She's Just Killing Me" (From Dusk Till Dawn)
- SuperBowl XXXI Halftime Show
- Street Machine Nationals - 3,500 Top Street Machines
- Honda Z promotion video

Release Artist Title Cover Song
1976 Van Halen Club Days (Bootleg) Tush, etc.
1981 Nazareth 'Snaz Tush
1985 Iron Maiden Live in London Marquee (Bootleg) Tush, etc.
1988 Whitesnake Live at Olympic Pool (Bootleg) Tits(Tush)
1989 Rapeman Two Nuns & Pack Mule Just Got Paid
1990 Joan Jett Hit List Tush
1994 Leningrad Cowboys Happy Together Gimme All Your Lovin'
1994 Tina Turner Sixties to Nineties Legs
1997 Girlschool King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Tush
1998 Motorhead Protect the Innocent Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
1998 Tres Diablos(Pantera) ECW: Extreme Music Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
1998 Buddy Guy Heavy Love I Need You Tonight
1999 Martay Gimme All Your Lovin 2000 Gimme All Your Lovin'
2000 Varies Artists Gimme All Your Top Gimme All Your Lovin', etc.
2000 Varies Artists Pickin' On ZZ Top Heard it on the X, etc.
2002 Varies Artists Sharp Dressed Men Fearless Boogie, etc.
2002 Varies Artists The Steel Guitar Tribute To ZZ Top Legs, etc.

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